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Recruitment FAQ

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about our recruitment process.

General Questions:

Do I need to be a member to apply?

Yes, you can purchase your lifetime membership here.

Please note, you do not need an SU pass to purchase our membership as we are an independent society.

Where do I apply?

You send your cover letter of 100 words and your one page CV to

Do I need to have work experience?

Not at all, most of our team join us as incoming freshers so it's understandable for there not to be any work experience. Although do not forget that clubs, volunteering, and school sports are all great things to add to your CV.

How do I know what department to apply to?

The best place to hear about each department is during our 'Meet the Execs' events, which will be hosted both on Microsoft Teams and in-person (WBS Teaching Centre) this year. Here you will get a chance to hear about what we do and how we do it from our department heads themselves. If you have any specific questions feel free to drop us a DM or send your questions to

How does the recruitment process work?

We run our recruitment through 3 stages. Starting off with screening your cover letters and CVs one by one, those who move forward enter the first round which is a one-to-one interview that lasts around 10 minutes. Stage two is then an interview conducted by the entire department where you are emailed a brief beforehand to prepare.

What should I prepare?

For your first round interview, you won't need to prepare anything, this is just a time to get to know you better. The second round interview requires light preparation as we send you your brief 24-48 hours before to see how you work under pressure.

Can I become an executive of WBSS and other societies?

Absolutely, however, it is important that you don't take on too many responsibilities so that you can still give your 100% to each one.


Although this answer changes for every single executive member, we can all say, WBSS is a family. We spend an incredible amount of time together, creating some of our lasting memories; whether is helping with job prospects or partying together, wbss execs become your uni family.


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