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Dear Members,

Find out more about WBSS’s different departments below, so you can understand the important role you will play in the society, and what department best suits you. 

To apply just click on the link button below, you will be redirected to our linktree to see which positions we are currently recruiting for.

Yours Sincerely,

The WBSS Board of Management

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Apply Now:
Recruitment is currently in process for certain departments. Check out current open positions:





WBSS' "Quantitative Investment Group" delivers corporate events, simplifying the complex world of finance and giving members insight into what a career in finance would look like. QIG hosts events ranging from QIG Academy to the Investment Challenge to Equity Research Valuations. Joining QIG is an excellent way to kick-start your career in finance, and meet like-minded individuals.


The "Corporate" department partners with prestigious firms and organizations to host workshops and events directed at preparing you for the internship application process, and giving you exposure to work in various industries. We cover industries ranging from Investment Banking to Consulting to Luxury Goods. Join us if you build genuine relationships easily, are a charismatic communicator and a self-driven person.


"Marketing" is in charge of generating awareness around all of WBSS' events. Within the marketing department, you will be in charge of drafting blueprints, ultimately aligning WBSS' identity with our purpose. Join the team if you are organized, think creatively, can work under tight deadlines and are a clear communicator. Joining the team is a perfect way to gain experience in a dynamic environment and prepare you for a career in a creative area.


The sponsorship team is responsible for sourcing sponsors for the upcoming academic year. We are looking for hard-working, independent, organized and charismatic individuals who have the ability to reach sponsors, hold contact, and finally close the deal.  


WBSS' "Internal Relations" is in charge of organizing internal events for executives and analysing event performance, maintaining the 'family feeling' within the society and ensuring we continuously improve our events. Join us if you can think critically and analytically, have great interpersonal skills, and can work efficiently within a team. Joining IR is a great way to immerse yourself within the society, whilst equipping you with the skill set necessary to succeed in the professional world.


The "Legal" team is in charge of drafting and managing contracts with venues and partners, consult on events, and ensure their stability, building the society’s legal foundation. Join us if you have an interest in law and its precedents, you are an effective negotiator and communicator and have a keen eye for detail.


WBSS' "Treasury" department manages WBSS' revenue and expenses, and challenges you to adopt consider opportunity cost through a holistic lens. Joining the department gives you the opportunity to work closely with the Socials, IR, Corporate and the Executive Couple. You are a good fit for "Treasury" if you have high levels of integrity, are good with numbers, are a clear communicator and are familiar with accounting practices.


The "Creative Design" department create visuals for all of WBSS' departments. If you have a creative eye, have experience with design programs and are well organized, then "CD" is for you. Joining the "CD" department gives you a creative outlet whilst giving exposure to a collaborative and semi-professional environment.


WBSS' "Socials" department is in charge of organizing all of WBSS' parties, as well as organizing our annual ball and "Exec Trip". WBSS has a reputation for hosting the most incredibly parties at Warwick, and is something we take pride in. Join us if you want to be part of WBSS' core identity, and organize some of the best parties at Warwick. Important skills are: communication, creativity, organization, and being a party animal.



The advisory board advises the WBSS Board of Management on executive decision-making, strategy and operational advice. We are looking for driven, independent and motivated individuals with unique expertise that can add value to WBSS. 


Connect with us on Instagram or by email for any further queries.

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