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Dear Members,

At the Warwick Business School Society (WBSS) we are dedicated to producing and delivering work of the highest quality. As such we put our applicants through a meticulously crafted application process to ensure we exclusively onboard the most rigorous and dedicated applicants. 

However, we urge you not to mistake our discipline for blandness. We strongly value creative, entrepreneurial, outside the box thinkers who will be able to submit thought-provoking applications. So please inspire us and be certain to let your personality transpire in the material you submit. After all we are one big family.

Applications close Sunday 8th October at midnight.  

Best of luck, 
WBSS Board of Management

P.S.: Successful applicants will proceed to a 15-minute preliminary stage interview. All answers by Monday 9th October.

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Quantitative Investment Group (QIG)

About the Department: 

The Quantitative Investment Group (QIG), housed within Warwick Business School Society, is a dichotomous enclave which is commitment to intellectual refinement. QIG assumes the role of enrichment, consistently working to enhance the intellectual growth of its members in relation to the dynamic financial environment. Our fundamental goal revolves around the cultivation of our members' contemporary financial insights, ensuring they remain abreast of pertinent subjects while comprehending their intrinsic significance. The pursuit of this endeavor allows QIG to build a vast community of like-minded individuals founded upon the tenants of progressive advancement and scholastic enlightenment.  


Role Overview: 

As a QIG Executive, you will be immersed in a multifaceted role that draws upon your profound understanding of the financial sector and your inherent extroverted nature. Your obligations include: 

  • Fostering interaction within the student community during events to stimulate discussions and deliberations on pertinent financial subjects. 

  • Generating reports that delve into and distill ongoing events for the purpose of simplification and comprehension. 

  • Collaboratively liaising with other departments or entities to orchestrate events centered around the themes of education, debates and competitions. 


Our track record of past events has garnered prestigious recognition from WBS, with participation from respected entities like P&G, Bloomberg and F1. This position not only offers valuable insights into the real world, but also emphasizes leadership and articulation – essential qualities for navigating a future in finance-dominated industries and cultivating connections with like-minded individuals.  



The ideal candidate will possess: 

  • Outstanding relational abilities 

  • A desire for knowledge acquisition  

  • Adept at conveying academic exposition with proficiency 

  • A nuanced capacity to operate autonomously and collaboratively on projects  


If you resonate with these attributes and are prepared to make a meaningful contribution to a team, we encourage you to submit your application. 


For the application: 

  • Your CV 

  • 300 Word Statement outlining why you believe you are a well-fitted individual for this role. Include past experiences in leadership and communication as well as personal achievements within the financial topics.  

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About the Department:

Welcome to the beating heart of creativity, innovation, and unforgettable memories! The Socials Department at Warwick Business School Society isn't just a team; it's a family of visionaries who turn dreams into reality. We're the architects of the extraordinary, and the driving force behind the most unforgettable events on campus.  Imagine crafting themed parties that transport students to different worlds, organizing Coachella’s festival on a field, hosting an annual Ball for more than 26 years in a row, or organizing a Halloween themed party boasting 1000 students in Leamington Spa. We're here to make university life more than just lectures and basic clubs. If you're ready to unleash your imagination, this is the place to be. In our department, imagination isn't just welcome; it's the driving force that turns the wildest dreams into spectacular realities 

Role Overview: 

Are you the kind of person who never settles for the ordinary? Do you have a knack for turning the mundane into magic? As a member of our Socials Department, you'll be a key player in the world of campus and outside-campus entertainment. Your role will be to dream big and make those dreams come true. 


Picture yourself curating events that leave students talking for years to come, working with a team of like-minded creatives, and leaving your mark on the Warwick campus. From brainstorming wild themes to coordinating logistics, from motivation to going until the end of your ideas, from advertising our events on campus to preparing the room of the party two-hours before an event.  


This is where your passion meets your purpose. 


Creativity knows no boundaries, and neither do we. We're not looking for a list of qualifications on paper; we're searching for your spark, your drive, and your unwavering commitment to making the ordinary extraordinary. You don't need a degree in event planning; you need a passion for it. 


What sets you apart is your imagination, your motivation, and your knack for bringing ideas to life. If you've got the vision and the enthusiasm, we'll provide the rest. It's not about what you've studied; it's about what you're ready to create. 




For the application: 

To apply for a spot in our dynamic Socials Department, we want to see your creative side shine. Don't send us a standard resume; send us a glimpse into your world of innovation. ​

  • Create a 60-second video pitch showcasing your wildest event idea. Make it captivating, imaginative, and unforgettable. 

  • Write a short text (max 200 words) on a memorable event you've attended and how you'd make it even more extraordinary proving us why you're the creative genius we've been searching for. 

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About the Department:

The Consulting Department at Warwick Business School Society is a dynamic and purpose-driven division committed to leveraging our Consulting Associates’ expertise for meaningful contributions to both the business world and society at large. Our department takes pride in its multifaceted approach, which encompasses consultancy projects with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), client acquisition initiatives, the provision of enriching consulting workshops, and the orchestration of engaging case study competitions. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, we empower our Consulting Associates to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world challenges.

Role Overview: 

As a Consulting Associate, you'll step into a role that is intellectually stimulating and socially impactful. Your responsibilities will involve:

  • Collaborating closely with NGOs to identify their pressing challenges and develop practical solution

  • Actively seeking and securing new consulting clients to expand our portfolio

  • Facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development through hands-on


  • Organizing and managing thought-provoking case study competitions that test

    critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

    Our consulting projects drive positive change in the world and provide everyone within the Consulting Department with valuable experiences. This role not only offers skill development but also the opportunity to make a tangible difference in society.


The ideal candidate for our Consulting Department should possess:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skill

  • Effective communication and teamwork capabilities

  • A deep passion for contributing to the betterment of society through consulting

  • A commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in consultancy


If you are eager to apply your skills to create meaningful impact and wish to be part of a team dedicated to driving change, we welcome you to apply.


For the application: 

  • Your CV

  • A 150-word statement outlining a potential NGO collaboration or consulting

    project idea, along with how it aligns with our mission and values


About the Department:

The Corporate Department at WBSS stands as the flagship division of our society. Our focus is to orchestrate events relating to business and beyond. We maintain the latitude to engage with firms spanning diverse sectors and cultivate genuine connections with top executives of the business world. 


At our core lies the unwavering commitment to engage our members and the student community, but also to uphold the reputation of our society as the backbone of business excellence at Warwick. In this regard, the Corporate Department serves as the driving force propelling our society's growth and unparalleled performance. 

Role Overview: 

As a Corporate Executive, you will be given responsibilities that are concurrently demanding and immensely fulfilling: 

  • Engaging with the most premier firms in industries such as Finance, Consulting, Law, Automotive, and Fashion 

  • Working with a variety of departments in the society ranging from operations to outreach 

  • Reaching out to and liaising with potential speakers and reps  

  • Pitching event concepts to partnering firms 

  • Collaborating with a wide range of other societies for events 


As a member of our team, you will possess: 

  • Resourcefulness and Adaptability 

  • Interpersonal skills 

  • Risk taking mentality 

  • Proficiency in MS Office 


If you want to do big things, we invite you to apply. 


For the application: 

Our current team comprises of two executives and one serving as head, we will be looking to add a maximum of 4 hires to our team at no specific male/female distribution. To apply, you will need the following: 

  • CV 

  • Cover Letter including: 

    • What potential speakers or firms you would reach out to and how? (150 words) 

    • What are the core attributes to a successful WBSS Corporate Event? (3 bullet points) 

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Internal Consulting

About the Department:

Welcome to WBSS Internal Consulting, the department responsible for upholding the highest standards of quality within our organization and fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among our members. Our dedicated team takes on several crucial roles to achieve these objectives.  


First and foremost, we are the driving force behind the organization of internal events tailored for our executive members. Our meticulous planning and execution ensure that these gatherings are not only successful but also deeply enriching experiences for all participants, creating the ‘family feeling’.  


In addition, we conduct thorough analyses of both corporate and social events to gauge their effectiveness and gather insights for improvement. Our commitment to continuous enhancement ensures that each event we organize is a stepping stone toward excellence.  


WBSS Internal Consulting extends its support to other departments by overseeing their projects and ensuring their smooth progression. This collaborative approach helps maintain the seamless flow of initiatives within our society. Engaging with the Internal Consulting department offers an unparalleled opportunity to fully immerse yourself in our society while acquiring valuable skills that are essential for success in the professional world. We invite you to join us in our journey of excellence and growth. 

Role Overview: 

  • Overseeing/Planning events with other departments  

  • Responsible for all communication between the Warwick Business School and WBSS 

  • Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of society’s events using business-like frameworks and assessment tools 


An Internal Consulting executive must possess a distinctive skill set that encompasses critical thinking, analytical acumen, and the ability to effectively synthesize both quantitative and qualitative data, drawing well-defined conclusions. Additionally, a profound and comprehensive understanding of the society's administrative processes is essential, as IC executives play a pivotal role as advisors to other departments. In this capacity, it is imperative that IC executives exhibit strong teamwork capabilities, while also demonstrating efficiency and effectiveness as independent workers. Furthermore, effective communication skills are paramount, as IC executives must adeptly articulate their ideas and insights to colleagues 

For the application: 

Our current team comprises of two executives and one serving as head, we will be looking to add a maximum of 4 hires to our team at no specific male/female distribution. To apply, you will need the following: 

  • CV 

  • Statement of Motivation: Write a 150–200-word statement explaining why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this role. Share your motivation for joining the Internal Relations Department and how your qualifications, skills, and passion align with our department's objectives. 

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About the Department:

If you're ready to dive headfirst into the intriguing realm where business and law collide, then this is the perfect role for you! 


The Legal Department at Warwick Business School Society is a dynamic and integral component of our organization, committed to providing hands-on experience in navigating the complexities of the legal process. With a strong focus on fostering discussion, negotiation, and contract formation, our department plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Society and its interactions with external partners and sponsors. 


One of our key responsibilities is to manage all administrative and legal paperwork essential to the WBSS’s operations. This includes the meticulous preparation of contracts (sponsors, partners), a crucial task that requires attention to detail and an understanding of contractual law.  


Additionally, we take on the vital task of regularly reviewing and updating the constitution that governs the Society. By maintaining an up-to-date constitution, we ensure that our society operates within a sound legal framework and can adapt to changing circumstances effectively.  

Plus, this will also give you a fascinating glimpse into the world of constitutional law!  

Role Overview: 

As a member of our Legal Department, you will actively participate in various crucial aspects of our operations, including contract management, handling legal paperwork, and ensuring the upkeep of our society's constitution. 

Moreover, you will play a pivotal role in the creation and development of an exciting new initiative, the Law and Business Panel. This dynamic project offers you the opportunity to contribute to our society's growth while exploring the captivating intersections of law and business. 


This is precisely why we're looking for someone with boundless motivation and enthusiasm, a visionary mindset, and a flair for injecting fun into everything they do! 


The ideal candidate for a role in the Legal Department at WBSS should possess a combination of: 


  • Attention to Detail skills – Which includes the ability to meticulously review and draft legal documents. 

  • Communication Skills – Effective verbal and written communication is key for negotiating contracts and discussing legal matters. 

  • Negotiation Skills – Requires the ability to engage in constructive negotiations. 

  • Analytical Thinking – Legal issues require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

  • Organizational Skills – Candidates should be able to keep track of documents, deadlines, and other legal tasks efficiently. 

  • Team Player – Collaboration is essential within the department and across the society. An ideal candidate should be able to work effectively as part of a team. 

And MOST Importantly: 

  • Motivation and Passion for the Role – We are looking for an individual who embodies a passion for legal affairs and a strong desire to actively contribute to achieving the objectives of the Legal Department within WBSS. 

For the application: 

Please provide the following:  

  • Your CV 

  • Statement of Motivation: Write a 150–200-word statement explaining why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this role. Share your motivation for joining the Legal Department and how your qualifications, skills, and passion align with our department's objectives. 

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Marketing & Creative Design

About the Department:

The Marketing & Creative Design department is pivotal to WBSS, as all of our parties and events are advertised through this department. This means the Marketing department always has to be organised, dependable and producing high quality work to attract students to WBSS. 

Role Overview: 

Are you a creative mind with the necessary skill set to create and design posts and videos? Then this is the team for you! You will be working together with virtually every department, if there's one team everyone speaks to, it is this one. You will be designing posts for the next corporate event to a cool video for our next party. 


  • Organisational skills - Be reachable and communicate your progress.

  • Technical skills - Design on Canva? Video design on Final Cut Pro?

  • Team Player – This is the biggest department in WBSS, so we need team players.

For the application: 

Please provide the following:  

  • Your CV 

  • Statement of Motivation: Write a max 200-word statement explaining why you believe you are the ideal candidate for this role

  • Portfolio of any designs (optional)

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About the Department:

The Treasury Department at Warwick Business School Society is the financial backbone that fuels our mission of fostering a dynamic environment for both social and corporate engagement. Our team is dedicated to efficiently managing resources to support our society's objectives. We plan and maintain control over WBSS spending and set the direction of the financial well-being of the society. We play a decisive role in ensuring the financial stability necessary to organise outstanding social events, enriching corporate activities, and professional development opportunities for our members all the while achieving a strong and sustainable growth.

Role Overview: 

As a Treasury Junior Executive, you will be at the heart of our society's financial operations, contributing to the success of both social and corporate events. Your role will be instrumental in making our vision a reality. This position offers a unique opportunity for individuals interested in finance to gain hands-on experience in a multifaceted environment. You will work closely with the Socials, Sponsorship, Corporate departments as well as the Board of Management.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the treasury team to develop budgets for social and corporate events.

  • Assist in financial planning and forecasting for event-related expenses and revenue.

  • Monitor and manage cash flow, ensuring funds are allocated effectively.

  • Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial reports.

  • Assist in the creation and organisation of fundraising initiatives to support event budgets.

  • Contribute to financial decision-making to enhance event quality and sustainability.


  • Strong analytical skills with attention to detail.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Razor-sharp judgement

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and financial software is a plus.

  • The ability to find perfect harmony in spreadsheets

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

  • Eagerness to learn and a strong interest in finance and accounting

For the application: 

  • CV

  • 150-200 word statement outlining what unique creative outlook you could bring to the

    Treasury Department

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About the Department:

The Sponsorship Department at Warwick Business School Society stands as our most recent and rapidly expanding division. Entrusted with cultivating partnerships, its primary objective is to secure sponsorships for both social and professional events, ensuring the financial vitality of our Society. These partnerships are pivotal in maintaining our society's sterling reputation for premier events and in reinforcing our competitive advantage over other societies. In essence, the Sponsorship Department is the linchpin to our society's sustained growth and excellence.

Role Overview: 

As a Sponsorship Associate, you'll embark on a dynamic role that is both demanding and immensely rewarding. Your responsibilities will encompass: 

  • Engaging with top-tier companies across sectors such as Investment Banking, Private Equity, and Automotive. 

  • Strategizing and executing tailored sponsorship packages. 

  • Pitching compelling sponsorship concepts to prospective partners. 


Our past collaborations boast esteemed names such as CVC Capital Partners, Red Bull, Rolls Royce, and Macquarie. This role promises not only skill augmentation, particularly for those eyeing a future in finance-related domains, but also an opportunity to forge valuable professional relationships with industry leaders. 


The ideal candidate will possess: 

  • Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint. 

  • Stellar interpersonal aptitude. 

  • An unwavering drive, undeterred by occasional setbacks or rejections. 

  • A pronounced sense of responsibility, demonstrating ownership of projects from inception to fruition. 


If you believe you embody these qualities and are ready to contribute to a team that's at the heart of our society's success, we invite you to apply. 

For the application: 

  • Your CV 

  • 150 Word Statement about which company you would bring to WBSS and how (can be through personal connections or a particular sponsorship package idea) 

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Connect with us on Instagram or by email for any further queries.

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