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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Dear members,

We are delighted to announce this year’s recruitment!

In a three-stage process, we will select the newest additions to our eight departments to make WBSS the best it can be.

Applications open Friday 1st October and close Friday 8th October.

The Application:

To apply, send an e-mail with your department of choice as the subject line to You can only apply to one department. Please attach a one page CV as well as a 100 word (max) cover letter, outlining why you would like to join that particular department. Please attach your CV and Cover Letter, do not simply include it in the body of the email.

You may add a ‘backup’ department in the email subject. It will be considered should we think that you are a better fit for it.

If you have any questions, simply send a message to our Facebook page.

Below is the description of each department you can apply to, we look forward to reading your applications


CORPORATE RELATIONS In corporate relations, we build lasting relationships with our partners and sponsors, and organise exclusive events, bringing in the leaders in business to help you kickstart your career.

Join us if you are...

  • An excellent communicator

  • Self-driven

  • Charismatic

SOCIALS Social executives are tasked with the creation and organisation of our society’s biggest events including member and executive trips, legendary parties and our annual business ball.

Join us if you...

  • Think outside the box

  • Possess excellent organisational capabilities

  • Are an effective communicator

MARKETING Tasked with creating our brand and image, the marketing department holds the visionaries of WBSS. We are involved in every event from start to finish, communicating event objectives and our distinguished image through every point of contact; beit face-to-face or on our platforms.

Join us if you are…

  • Imaginative and Inspired

  • Critical and Proactive

  • Determined and Curious

INTERNAL RELATIONS As the consultants of IR, we consult executives’ strategic decision-making to improve the WBSS brand. We analyse both event and executive performance in order to continue the growth of WBSS. Ultimately, Internal Relations works to enrich the executive experience through bonding events.

Join us if you...

  • Possess qualitative and quantitative analytical skills

  • Critical thinking in event planning and design

  • Are a social person that enjoys collaborating with others

CREATIVE DESIGN Any videos, graphics, flyers, banners, flags, merchandise you have seen from our society was once just a simple conception of our creative minds.

Join us if you...

  • Are interested in and passionate about design

  • Possess creative thinking skills and a good understanding of human cognition

  • Have experience in using multimedia production software (e.g. Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, iMovie/Final Cut Pro/After Effects/Premiere), although no previous experience is required.

LEGAL We in the legal team draft and manage contracts with venues and partners, consult on events, and ensure their stability, building the society’s legal foundation.

Join us if you…

  • Have an interest in law and its precedents

  • Are an effective negotiator and communicator

  • Have a keen eye for detail

QUANTITATIVE INVESTMENT GROUP (QIG) We want to ease the complexity of finance for you. To do so we publish monthly market and equity research reports analysing key drivers that shape the financial industry. Additionally, we organise events with industry-leading Asset Managers and Investment Banks to help you break into the industry.

Join us if you are…

  • Passionate about the financial industry and macroeconomics

  • An analytical thinker and a very good communicator

  • A great team player

P.S: Please specify in your application if you want to apply to become an executive in the department of QIG or to join the Strategy Team as an analyst. We are excited to get to know you!

TREASURY Yes. We plan and maintain control over WBSS spending. We set the direction of the financial well-being of the society. But more importantly, we all work together to achieve strong and sustainable growth. Remember: Whichever party is in office, Treasury is in power.

Dare to join if you have:

  • Razor-sharp judgement

  • Negotiations tactics

  • The ability to find perfect harmony in spreadsheets


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